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Bhutan - The Last Shangrila

We are happy that you are visiting our web site. Our company (The Last Shangrila) is here to provide as much information as possible about Bhutan, its history, its people and the land. This site will also have all necessary information you will need to learn and travel to Bhutan, should you decide so. Bhutan is an amazing country, with very high mountains, clean environment and a welcoming population. No matter how much you read and learn about it, you can not never really appreciate the country unless you visit. Efforts were made to compare it with some neighbouring countries but visitors were appalled to find how different Bhutan is from them. Bhutan also prouds itself having a wide range of traditional arts and crafts, some of which you can see on our site and buy online. We assure high quality products are delivered reliably by our partners.

We hope you will have a great journey through the various pages of our site, as much you would have through the valleys, mountains and passes of Bhutan 

To give customers the value-for-money services and products   Our travel and mercendise company is here to serve all of your vacation and Bhutanese handicraft needs. Over the time, we have taken our guests away from the stress of everyday life and created a relaxing and fun adventure vacation.  We believe everyone deserves their dream vacation and holiday - be it single travellers, honeymooners or families. If none of our packages look right for you, create your own special vacation, we are just an email or call away to customize the vacation as per your needs. We are here to serve your needs, and make your vacation one you will always remember.

Our company has been taking our clients on exciting adventures within Bhutan and its neighbouring places like Nepal, North India and Tibet. We understand the history of the area and we want to share it with you.  We specifically ensure that you get hold to our best travel partner so that your every need and expectations are met. We ensure that through our regular service audits with our partners, that greatly relies on customer feedbacks and inputs.